Isaiah 9:1-7

Isaiah, the prophet looked down the telescope of prophecy and saw 700 years into the future. He saw some marvelous things He saw the birth, the death on the Cross, and the Kingship of Jesus. But why did Isaiah call Jesus wonderful? Because that:

1. Jesus has a Wonderful Heart to Love Us. - John 15:13-14
His love is unmerited, unselfish, and unending. Nothing can separate us from His love according to Romans 8:38-39.

2. Jesus has a Wonderful Hand to Keep us from Falling. - Matthew 14:31
I Peter 1:5

3. Jesus has a Wonderful Eye to Watch Over Us. - II Chronicles 16:9
God sees the hopeless, the helpless, the helper, and the wayfaring.

4. Jesus has a Wonderful Ear to Hear Us. - Isaiah 59:1
God hears our pleas, our praise, and our promises.

5. Jesus has a Wonderful Book to Guide Us. - Psalm 119:105
His Word blesses, burns in our hearts, and builds our lives.

6. Jesus has a Wonderful Spirit to Comfort Us. - John 14:16
What a great Comforter is the Holy Spirit. He gives power to live, strength to praise, and protection from the enemy.

7. Jesus is Building a Wonderful Home for Us. - John 14: 2-3
Personally built by Jesus, this home will have no sin, suffering, or sorrow. What a place!

He can be a Wonderful Savior to you too. Will you accept Him today as your Personal Savior? God help you to do it.

Arnold J. King, Pastor
Swords Creek Baptist Church
Swords Creek, VA